Tuition and Fees

Tuition amount will depend on Rhode Island College. The current tuition is per credit hour, payable to: Rhode Island College. Students should be prepared to meet the financial responsibility of the program. Assistance in securing loans or grants is provided by the financial aid office at RIC.

Rhode Island College

     Per credit hour, total of 56 credit hours - range from $429 to $836 per credit hour
     Registration fee Per semester - $135
     Non-refundable application fee - $50
     SON fee - $25/credit with a maximum of $300 per semester
     Transcript fee - $30 one-time fee


School of Nurse Anesthesia

  1. Non-refundable commitment fee of $650.00 (Due within 14 days of acceptance.)
  2. Student Association Fee of $200.00 due at orientation.
  3. Web Modules for Orientation - $110.00.
  4. Student Professional Liability Insurance - $275.00 annually
  5. Typhon Group (clinical record keeping) - approximately $150.00.
  6. SEE Exam Fee of $250.00 in the senior year.
  7. National Certification Exam Fee, currently $995.00 at the end of the program.
  8. Licensure for RI and MA (Fees are different for each state).

Please note that tuition and fees may be changed at any time.