Philosophy and Mission Statement

The curriculum of the St. Joseph Hospital School of Nurse Anesthesia evolves from the following statements of philosophy:

  • Administration of anesthesia is an advanced nursing specialty, which is an essential component of the health care team.
  • The knowledge base, attitude, and clinical experience of select registered nurses can serve as the foundation for the preparation of competent, effective nurse anesthetists..
  • Qualified instructors and preceptors operating within an accredited comprehensive health agency contribute to the milieu for qualitative learning experiences for student nurse anesthetists as they become self-directed.
  • Learning is a life-long process and the continued development of each nurse anesthetist is an essential individual, moral and professional responsibility.

Mission Statement

St Joseph Hospital School of Nurse Anesthesia collaborates with Rhode Island College Zvart Onanian School of Nursing to educate and empower nurses to enrich the health and well-being of all people. St. Joseph Hospital School of Nurse Anesthesia further aims to enhance and expand the knowledge, attitude, and skills of the professional registered nurses in a graduate framework so they as nurse anesthetists can function safely and effectively in any setting providing care for patients of all ages. This is accomplished through application of educational principles, methodology, theory, and practice in the range of activities related to anesthesia through optimum utilization of clinical and other learning resources. This is guided by the values of respect, compassion, responsibility, and teamwork.