Airway PlacementThe Curriculum is designed so that students are based primarily on campus the beginning semesters of the program. The basic science didactic courses are offered during this period. The remaining months of the program are a combination of didactic and clinical education, with an emphasis on advanced course work, clinical training and research.

1st Semester: Summer
NURS 501: Advanced Nursing Research,
3 credits

2nd Semester: Fall
NURS 502: Health Care Systems,
3 credits
NURS 506: Advanced Health Assessment, 3 credits
NURS 505: Advanced Pharmacology, 3 credits
CHEM 519: Biochemistry for Health Professionals, 3 credits
BIOL 535: Advanced Physiology I, 4 credits

3rd Semester: Spring
NURS 503: Professional Role Development,
3 credits
NURS 504: Advanced Pathophysiology, 3 credits
BIOL 536: Advanced Physiology II, 4 credits
NURS 514: Advanced Pharmacology for Nurse Anesthesia, 2 credits
NURS 517: Foundational Principles of Nurse Anesthesia I, 3 credits

4th Semester: Summer
NURS 512: Genetics and Genomics, 3 credits

NURS 516: Advanced Principles of Nurse Anesthesia I, 3 credits
NURS 570: NA Clinical Practicum I, 1 credit

5th Semester: Fall
NURS 509: Professional Project Seminar, 1 credit

NURS 616: Advanced Principles of Nurse Anesthesia II, 3 credits
NURS 630: Clinical Practicum II, 1 credit

6th Semester: Spring
NURS 626: Advanced Principles of Nurse Anesthesia III,
3 credits
NURS 692: Master's Major Project, 1credit
NURS 640 NA Clinical Practicum III, 1 credit

7th Semester: Summer
NURS 693: Master's Major Project,
1 credit
NURS 670: NA Clinical Practicum IV, 1 credit

8th Semester: Fall
NURS 636: Transition to Practice,
2 credits
NURS 691: NA Clinical Practicum V, 1 credit